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Open Futures

School has been part of the Open Futures since 2008 and we have achieved the Open Futures Level 3 quality standard. In the past we were invited to become an Ambassador School for Open Futures which enabled us to work with other schools around the country.

Open Futures has:

• enriched the curriculum offered to the children;
• helped children and adults in school develop new skills;
• created opportunities for team work, cooperation and perseverance;
• taught us how to grow things, cook, film and think carefully;
• made us all very proud of our school!


Open Futures is about joined up thinking and working, right across the curriculum. It is not an ‘extra’, but a whole school curriculum initiative. It is an alternative way of meeting the learning needs of our children and at the same time providing an opportunity to discover and develop social and practical skills, personal interests and values which will contribute to their education and enhance their adult lives.
The three Open Futures strands we include in our Curriculum consists of the following:

• Grow it
• Cook it
• Ask it

It seeks to address current concerns about children’s health and well-being and about cultural education for children in a rapidly changing and diverse world. It gives children hands-on learning opportunities to awaken interests and stimulate curiosity about the world around them.

Grow It is about helping children to plant, nurture and harvest vegetables and fruit thus developing their levels of appreciation and understanding of plants, produce and the seasons.

Cook It engages children with hands-on experience of preparing produce to eat and so providing a good culinary understanding of how the fruit and vegetables they grow in school relate to their own physical development and wellbeing.
Ask It, also referred to as Philosophy for Children (P4C), focuses on thinking skills and contributes towards Literacy, Citizenship, RE, PSHE, Science and the Humanities P4C sessions provide opportunities to discuss issues that are meaningful, as the children practice skills of negotiation, seeing things from another perspective and making decisions together.

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