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Behaviour & Safety



‘Everyone Equal Everyone Happy’


Behaviour at South Hiendley Primary School


We believe that we promote good behaviour by creating a happy caring school environment where pupils, parents/carers and school personnel feel valued and respected and where any form of anti-social behaviour is not accepted. A strength of the school is the positive ethos. Children are expected to behave in a sensible and acceptable manner at all times. Positive behaviour in our school is strongly encouraged through our reward system ‘Good to be Green’, house points, assemblies, high expectations and consistent approaches throughout school. Over the last few years, a Restorative Practice approach has been adopted at South Hiendley Primary School, which has supported and strengthened the mutual respect between pupils and pupils / pupils and staff. At South Hiendley Primary School we believe that every child has rights and should be respected (as outlined on the Classroom Covenant, below). The school has also signed up to Wakefield’s Young People’s Safeguarding Charter.



Classroom Covenant


I have a right to be happy, and to be treated with kindness in this school;

This means that no one will laugh at me or hurt my feelings.

I have a right to be myself in this school;

This means that no one will treat me unfairly because I am fat or thin, fast or slow, tall or short.

I have a right to be safe in this school;

This means that no one will hit me, kick me, push or punch me.

I have a right to hear and be heard in this school;

This means that no one will yell, scream, or shout and my opinions and wishes will be considered in any plans we make.

I have a right to learn about myself in this school;

This means that I will be free to express my feelings and opinions without being interrupted or punished.

We all have a right to be here in this school;


This means we need to get along with each other, try our best and show respect for everyone and everything in our school.




Our aims are:


  • To create an ethos that makes everyone in the school community feel valued and respected.

  • To promote good behaviour by forging sound working relationships with everyone involved with the school.

  • To promote positive behaviour for learning.



Roles and Responsibilities:


The Governing Board has:

  • appointed a member of staff (Coordinator) to be responsible for promoting positive pupil behaviour; (Mrs L Whelan)

  • responsibility for the effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Behaviour policy


The Headteacher will:

  • work with all school staff to create and maintain a working environment that is happy, caring and stimulating and where pupils can realise their full potential;

  • promote positive behaviour for learning for all pupils;

  • organise courses for all school staff on behaviour management and restraint (eg Restorative Practice and Team Teach);

  • keep up to date with new developments and resources;


With support from the Headteacher the coordinator will:

  • work with all school staff to promote good standards of behaviour throughout the school;
  • provide guidance and support to all staff;


Teachers will:

  • create a welcoming class environment with good displays of pupils’ work in order to develop pupil self-esteem by showing the value of every individual’s contribution;
    organise their classroom to develop independence and personal initiative;
  • arrange furniture to provide an environment that is conducive to on-task behaviour;
  • arrange materials and resources to help accessibility and reduce uncertainty and disruption
  • promote good learning behaviour by maintaining positive attitudes at all times;
  • establish quality relationships with the children;
  • promote high expectations for all school activities;
  • use a variety of teaching approaches that will help to encourage positive learning behaviour patterns;
  • plan interesting lessons that are well organised with clear objectives and with the work differentiated to cater for all abilities;
  • be consistent and apply a positive approach towards discipline at all times, using methods in line with Restorative Practice.
  • promote and celebrate pupil effort and achievement;
  • be trained to deal with challenging behaviour and the techniques of restraint (Team Teach methods)


    Pupils will be expected to:

  • comply with the school rules (Golden Rules – see below), sanctions and behaviour system (Good to be Green);
  • be aware that they have a role to play in determining and promoting this policy through their representatives on the school council


    Our Golden Rules

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property



Parents/carers will be expected to:

  • work closely with the school to ensure that their children help maintain a safe and secure school environment;
  • sign the home school agreement;
  • promote the positive ethos of the school with their children


Rules and Sanctions: School rules and sanctions have been shared with all staff and pupils. All pupils have been informed of them and are expected to adhere to them. These rules are reviewed periodically or when the need arises. Class rules have been established in each class, to ensure high expectations and consistency.


All staff have received training introducing them to Restorative Practice. This ensures a consistent approach towards behaviour throughout school and ensures that all children are treated equally and fairly.


Pupil Support: A number of pupil support systems are in place to promote good behavior eg ‘Good to be Green’ cards, stickers, house points, special mention and achievement awards. All school staff work hard to ensure that these systems run smoothly.


Incidents: If a problem arises with a child, the class teacher or HLTA (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant) will address the issue. Miss Barraclough, our Learning Mentor, may be called to support. Members of the Senior Leadership Team may become involved, depending on the nature or seriousness of the incident. If necessary, parents may be consulted over a child’s conduct so that problems can be dealt with quickly and effectively.


Incidents of unacceptable behaviour are recorded on CPOMS (Child Protection On-line Monitoring System). The Headteacher (Mrs L Sanderson), Coordinator (Mrs L Whelan) and Learning Mentor (Miss H Barraclough) are alerted to logged incidents and these are monitored and followed up accordingly.


Outside Agencies: We have good links with other professionals e.g. the Education Psychology Service (EPS), the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and The Social and Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) Team, who provide support and advice to this school, when requested.


Celebrations of Good Behaviour and Achievements: Good behaviour is celebrated during Friday’s weekly achievements assembly, which parents are invited to. A Special Mentions table is set up in the hall on Friday lunchtimes, where one child from each class is chosen by the Lunchtime Supervisors to eat their lunch with the Headteacher. Regular praise and encouragement is part of the school ethos. House points are awarded to pupils for a range of reasons such as working hard, being polite, being helpful, following the Golden Rules.

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