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I have the right to learn about myself,
express my feelings and give opinions
without being interrupted or punished.
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I have the right to be happy and treated
with kindness. No one will laugh at me or
hurt my feelings.

Kingswood 2014

I have a right to hear and be heard. No one
will treat me unfairly, yell, scream or shout.
My wishes and opinions will be considered.


I have a right to be safe. No one is
allowed to kick, push or punch me.

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We all have the right to be here.
We try our best to get along
and show respect for everyone
and everything in our school.

South Hiendley Junior, Infant and Early Years School

School Mission

South Hiendley Junior, Infant & Early Years School is a village school, catering for children in the 3-11 years age range.

Most of our pupils live in South Hiendley but we also welcome children from the surrounding areas.

  • To create a safe, happy and caring environment where everyone is welcomed, valued and respected.
  • To provide an exciting, creative curriculum where children are challenged and supported to succeed.
  • To recognise and promote high standards, effort and attainment through a creative skills based approach to learning.
  •  To create a community where all children, parents, staff and governors are valued and enabled to achieve their potential.
  • To provide a stimulating, well resourced and well maintained learning environment that reflects the needs and interests of all our learners.
  • To help children to appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and physical and mental well-being.
  • To work closely with parents and carers as partners in each child’s learning.

School Aims

South Hiendley Junior, Infant and Early Years School has a set of school aims which guide our work with children.

  • Enquiry and Curiosity

    To develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity.

  • Independence and Collaboration

    To encourage independence and collaboration

  • Achievement and Potential

    To reach their full potential, achieving high standards across the curriculum.

  • Safety and Challenge

    To grow and learn in a happy and safe environment in preparation for the outside world and all its challenges

  • Vision and Expectations

    To widen and expand their vision and expectations.

  • Self-Esteem and Respect

    To have high self-esteem – respecting themselves, each other and the wider world.

What Others Say About Our School

Pupils’ behaviour is good; they are safe and cared for well. Their parents agree. They show positive attitudes to learning that mean that no time is wasted in lessons.

OfstedOfsted Inspector

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well by the curriculum, which is extended by a programme of cultural and sporting after-school and lunchtime clubs that are much appreciated by pupils.

OfstedOfsted Inspector

All members of the school community, school staff, pupils and governors, are rightly proud of the high standards of behaviour that are the norm in and out of lessons. The school has absolute confidence in its ability to quickly imbue recently enrolled pupils with its ethos; something very necessary given the frequency with which new pupils join.

OfstedOfsted Inspector

All of our children have had an excellent start to their education thanks to South Hiendley Junior, Infant and Early Years School.

Parent, December 2014
Parent, December 2014Parent

I will be sad when my children have to leave this friendly and approachable school. Thank you.

Parent, December 2014
Parent, December 2014Parent

Fantastic staff and fantastic management! My children love going to school and I am more than happy with their progress.

Parent, December 2014
Parent, December 2014Parent

I love this school. I wouldn’t change anything as it’s a great school.

Year 6, December 2014
Year 6, December 2014Pupil

It is a very good school and the adults here care about us.

Year 5, December 2014
Year 5, December 2014Pupil

Last year when I started South Hiendley School the teachers were welcoming and the children were kind and caring.

Year 5, December 2014
Year 5, December 2014Pupil

The meals here are so good. The dinner ladies are doing a great job.

Year 4, December 2014
Year 4, December 2014Pupil

I think this school is perfect.

Year 3, December 2014
Year 3, December 2014Pupil

I like this school because it keeps me safe.

Year 3, December 2014
Year 3, December 2014Pupil
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